About: Oscar Wilde






Oscar Wilde was a poet, author and play write and was born October 16, 1854 in Ireland. He was home schooled until 9, and after graduation moved to London. In 1881 Wilde published his first collection of poems. He then traveled to the states, then to Britain and back to Ireland. In 1884 he married Constance Lloyd and in the next 6 years Wilde entered his most creative writing period in his life. In 1891, Wilde began a relationship with a young man who was an undergraduate at Oxford. Upon Wilde’s arrest four years later, he was sentenced to two years hard labor. After his release, he wrote “The Ballad of Reading Gaol” (my personal favorite piece written by Wilde). The next and last years he had left were spent unable to rekindle his spark for writing, traveling around Europe and staying with friends and living in hotels. Wilde succumbed to meningitis brought on by an ear infection on November 30, 1900.

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