Web Wednesday (Nov 16)
Wednesday November 16th 2011, 9:43 pm
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In hindsight, I am ecstatic that I chose a short story by Wilde. But on the other hand, it is giving me a little difficulty. I am unsure how to fully approach the text and how I should analyze it. Because that being the first step I must chose in order to continue on with the research. So far my research is a bit scarce, a few articles here and there about rhetoric Wilde uses and literary/poetic imagery usage of the “rose”. But herein still lies the problem, should I approach from a semiotician perspective? Can I even possibly approach from a new critic perspective? Seeing as Oscar Wilde himself was an eccentric, troubled individual, making his attitudes and emotions hard to ignore. I think either route I take, I will not find too much trouble finding sources to support my position, my only set back is myself.

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